The Great Adventure's of Cubicle Bear!

A long overdue return!

Posted in 019 by cubiclebear on March 6, 2010

When we left off last, IB was climbing the vertical wall for no reason in particular. He looks down to see Dino pacing back and forth with his fork.

IB: Getting a little nervous, Dino?

Dino: *sigh* When do you think this Space bear will show up?

IB: Tuesday.

Dino: Really?!

IB: No. I’m afraid Spacebear is lost to us forever. Another victim of a half-baked teleportation mission. Spacebear always did have unstable molecules. Yes, I’m afraid we must accept it and move on. In time, I think, even you Dino, can come to terms…

Spacebear: Hello down there!

IB: Nevermind.

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