The Great Adventure's of Cubicle Bear!

IB knows he shouldn’t trust Spacebear

Posted in 006 by cubiclebear on February 27, 2010

IB reaches out a paw knowing he is giving in to his evitable doom. Spacebear grabs IB’s fur with one gloved appendage and pulls out his ray gun with the other!

Spacebear: This time, IB, I will not leave your death to chance (gravity)!

Native D: Are you going to order the OPR reports….or you want me to?

Native A: I’m really busy here, can you?

Native D: OK, well, I saw that we’ve had a lot of orders come in lately for OPR and if nobody orders them now I’ll be spending all afternoon on it, but I have time now so I thought I might as well do them now, but I just wanted to check to make sure that nobody else was doing because then I don’t need to do it and I can find something else to do but since you’re not doing it, I can just go ahead and do that then.

Native A: Great, you do that.

Native D: What’s going on here?

Native A: Spacebear and IB are fighting to the death.

Native D: OK, so I’ll just get these ordered and let you know when I’m done.

Native A: Sounds good.

IB lets out a fearsome growl causing Spacebear’s head covering to rattle disorientingly. With a sudden burst of energy, IB pulls Spacebear off the cubicle cliff dooming them both! They plummet down to the desk below!

But what is this, dear reader? Spacebear turns on his anti-gravity device…