The Great Adventure's of Cubicle Bear!

Two years pass as if they were two days…

Posted in 008 by cubiclebear on February 27, 2010

Yes, it appears that gravity has outsmarted anti-gravity once again. Spacebear and IB have been living together on the deserted island of Hannavas in Aigroeg for 2 earth years now.

IB is cooking dinner, his fur is grisly and unkempt. Spacebear is in corner of the beach, casually tossing his space grenade (which he lovingly named Wilson). He catches IB’s eye.

Spacebear: Thought you didn’t eat fish.

IB: Yeah, well I’m sick of tubers.

Spacebear: Too early in summer to be sick of tubers.

IB: Tell you what, Spacebear, when we get this anti-gravity device working, I’m out of here! I want to be climbing the great cubicle walls again, not stuck on this corner of a beach with you!

Spacebear: Looks like we got ourselves what they call an unsatisfactory situation.

IB: I wish I knew how to quit you, Spacebear.