The Great Adventure's of Cubicle Bear!

Dinosaurs can’t climb walls!

Posted in 012 by cubiclebear on February 27, 2010

IB climbs up the wall like a Spiderbear being chased by a cross-dimensional dinosaur. At the top, IB looks down to make sure his hungry new friend didn’t follow. Safe for now, but this situation is not suitable for a wild bear. IB could never freely roam Cubicle Park with a T-Rex on the loose! IB turns to ponder the situation when all of the sudden he sees the solution. Cookies! A beautiful, transparent container of cookies!

IB wonders over to cookies to make sure it isn’t some sweet mirage. He has his share while scaring off a couple of the natives. Then, reaching into his fur, he pulls out some “sleeping potion.” Carefully sliding back down the wall, just out of danger, IB throws down the potion-drenched cookies.


IB: “Shut up and eat your cookie, dinosaur!”