The Great Adventure's of Cubicle Bear!

From a safe distance…

Posted in 015 by cubiclebear on March 1, 2010

Dino (with something like a lispy British accent): Pardon me. Excuse me! Could I catch your ear for just a minute, sir?

IB: You MAY NOT! So that’s your game, is it? Start with the ears!

Dino: Um, please, fuzzy creature, could you help me out?

IB: With what?! Your main course!

Dino: Well, no. I think one of us is very confused here. It appears that a time bomb has gone off and I’ve been taken out of my when and where to now and here.

IB: Yeah?

Dino: You wouldn’t happen to know where I could get another time bomb, would you? I don’t really care for the vegetation in these whereabouts.

IB: Well you’ll have to talk to Spacebear about that one.

Dino: A space….bear? Oh heavens! Now I have heard of everything.