The Great Adventure's of Cubicle Bear!

There’s a dinosaur who knows where his fork is.

Posted in 018 by cubiclebear on March 5, 2010

After several days with no threat from the outsiders, Dino relaxes his guard. He decides to take a little walk and comes across IB climbing a metal wall.

Dino: Hello up there!

IB: Hey, Dino! Where’s your weapon?

Dino: I’ve had enough of that nonsense.

IB: Good for you! You can’t live your life in fear!

Dino: Well, sure, that’s easy for a bear to say. So IB, my friend, how is it you can stick to walls? Is that some sort of genetically evolved trait your species has developed?

IB drowns a wave of painful memories before they can penetrate his stoical countenance. This is not a topic IB would discuss casually with some prehistoric beast he’d just met. But of course, the naïve Dino couldn’t know.

IB: I don’t want to talk about it.

Dino: Oh, I see.

Dino turns away and leaves IB to his lonesome. The paranoia of space and time travel once again catches up with him, and he sets out to reclaim his fork.