The Great Adventure's of Cubicle Bear!

Item #4

Posted in 023 by cubiclebear on March 20, 2010

Item # 1: 30 copper pieces

Item # 2: 2 platypus eggs

Item # 3: 1 liter of fuel

Item # 4: One day-by-day calendar that makes the reader feel like he doesn’t understand the joke most of the time

Item # 5: antiquated calculator

Item # 6: one strange penguin that appears out of nowhere

Spacebear is doing a little surveillance flight when he spots IB and Dino in a cube down below.

Spacebear: Slacking off, huh? The plan was to work separately! What’s that you’re drinking, IB?

IB: Item # 3

IB gives a hearty guffaw as he turns a page on the calendar.

IB: This one is great, that’s 2 out of 21 I vote funny.

Dino: I needed a second opinion on Item #4, Spacebear. Is this funny to you?

Spacebear: Hmmmm… “I’m telling dad you found his magazines”….I don’t think I get it. That’s perfect! Carry on.