The Great Adventure's of Cubicle Bear!

To the sound of Mission Impossible music…

Posted in 024 by cubiclebear on March 22, 2010

Item # 1: 30 copper pieces

Item # 2: 2 platypus eggs

Item # 3: 1 liter of fuel

Item # 4: One day-by-day calendar that makes the reader feel like he doesn’t understand the joke most of the time

Item # 5: antiquated calculator

Item # 6: one strange penguin that appears out of nowhere

IB slips around the cubicle wall to a desolate corner of Cubicleville. The desk surface is littered with flax crumbs and shiny candy wrappers. Our hero silently makes his way to the target.

In a more oafish and amateur manner, Dino stumbles after IB.

IB: OK, Dino, you’re on lookout. This is dangerous territory, this is. We are standing on the veritable epicenter of all things platypus!

Dino: I thought it was platypi.

IB: Neh, I’ve heard it both ways….sniff how that platypi smell lingers in the air.

Dino: I thought we were here for the copper.

IB: True enough, my friend. The platypus eggs will have to wait.

IB dives into the copper bowl.

IB: Let me know if..

Dino: The native! The one who likes needless violence! He’s coming back! IB, RUN! Get out of there, IB!

IB: The copper pieces! They are pulling me under. Save yourself Dino!