The Great Adventure's of Cubicle Bear!

Same bear time, same bear channel

Posted in 025 by cubiclebear on March 23, 2010

Spacebear: Calm down, Dino. The only problem I can identify here is that you are overacting.

Dino: Is there a leak in your helmet?! Are you not getting enough of whatever it is you breathe? We have multiple problems here! IB is my only friend in this mad new world!

Spacebear: Oh well, I always thought of us as friends, but perhaps that was overly assuming of me.

Dino: Yes, perhaps it was.

The tumble of coppery covered coins is heard below.

IB: You guys want to quit gossiping and give me a hand with this.

Dino: IB! How did you escape?!

Spacebear: I see you found item # 5 too. Well done, ol’ bear!

IB: I’m the Houdini of Bears, Dino.

Dino: Oh, well good then. And the platypi eggs?

IB: It’s nigh time for the egg hunting to begin, my friends. Spacebear, you’re on surveillance. Dino, you’re the decoy.

Dino: Um, can I trade with Spacebear?

IB: I’m afraid not