The Great Adventure's of Cubicle Bear!

An Education in Earth Holidays

Posted in 026 by cubiclebear on March 24, 2010

Spacebear: OK, so we’ve got plenty of time to plan this out seeing how the Great Egg Hunt isn’t for many days now.

Dino: Great Egg Hunt?

Spacebear: Oh yes, you probably didn’t celebrate the sacred hunting of the platypi eggs on your primitive planet. Don’t overexert your unevolved brain trying to ponder our sacred Earth ways.

Dino: But this IS my PLANET!

Spacebear: Whoa there! Look at you, Dinosaur Columbus. You bring your own flag too?

Dino: IB, would you please explain to this spacesuit where I’m from?

Dino: IB?

Spacebear: We’ll have to commence planning at a later time. IB can’t resist the yearly┬áIrish parade. Don’t worry though. There’s plenty of time before the Easter Platypus comes around.

After hearing Spacebear’s calm reasoning, a look of relief falls upon Dino’s face. This is quickly followed by a look of confused terror as Dino begins to contemplate the Great Easter Platypus.

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