The Great Adventure's of Cubicle Bear!

Bedtime Story

Posted in 028 by cubiclebear on March 26, 2010

IB is almost asleep while Dino lays wide awake, worried about tomorrow’s battle.

Dino: Psst, IB. IB!

IB: Grrr…what?

Dino: IB, I’m worried about tomorrow.

IB: Worrying about it will make the follow-up miserable and only harm the outcome. Think about pleasant things.

Dino: Like bunnies?

IB shivers.

IB: I’m going to assume you are being facetious.

Dino: Oh, OK…..IB, will you tell me a bedtime story?

IB (sleepily): Sure, ol’ friend. What story would you like to hear?

Dino: How did you escape from platypi central?

IB: Well Dino, there I was, looking death in the face. I know you think the plan had gone horribly wrong that day, but in hindsight, I knew exactly what I was doing. I was buried in my copper camouflage. The native sat back down and started pecking away at his keyboard, as the natives tend to do. A few minutes went by and then I saw it, the native had taken out, Item #5, an old fashioned calculator! Where else would I find such an ancient piece of machinery? I waited for him to leave his desk for hours. My muscles began twitching.

The anxiety was building up inside of me. He just sat there, toggling like a madman! My temper exploded! Copper pieces went flying! He looked down at the confusion. I flung some flax crumbs his way, temporarily blinding the native!

As the he attempted to regain his bearings, I threw the items in a bowl and ran like the fanned air blows!

Dino: Really?!

IB: Sure. Sweet dreams, Dino.