The Great Adventure's of Cubicle Bear!

The thing about perspective…

Posted in 033 by cubiclebear on April 23, 2010

As Dino hurls down upon the great mother platypus, he notices something very odd. The platypus appears to be getting bigger….and bigger… and bigger…until Dino is no longer of equal or greater size to the platypus. From the upper heights of the cubicle wall where Dino had jumped, the furry creature appeared to be of manageable breakfast size. As Dino reaches the great furry plateau of platypus, he has completely lost his appetite.

Dino: Pardon me.

Playti: What’s that? Is a plant dropping it’s leaves? Did something just land on my back?

IB (while running down the wall): Lead her out of here! I’ll grab the eggs!

Playti: MY EGGS!!!

The platyptus bucks up her rear throwing Dino into the metal wall.

Dino: That’s great IB! I thought maybe we could keep that little tidbit of information to ourselves!