The Great Adventure's of Cubicle Bear!

Office Stress

Posted in 039 by cubiclebear on July 21, 2010

After successfully sending their friend back into prehistory via microwave time and space travel, IB and Spacebear try to readapt to office life without Dino.


Office Recognition

Posted in 038 by cubiclebear on July 1, 2010

A happy bear is a productive bear.

Full Speed Ahead, IB!

Posted in 037 by cubiclebear on June 24, 2010


Posted in 036 by cubiclebear on May 25, 2010
All of the elements for time travel have been assembled in the molecular-stirring machine to send Dino back to his prehistoric time where he came from.

Do Cubicle Bears Dream of Electric Platypus?

Posted in 035 by cubiclebear on May 15, 2010

Platypus Dispute Update

Posted in 034 by cubiclebear on May 15, 2010

IB leaps onto the desk floor. He is moving at speeds so fast that the office natives appear to be moving in slow motion! While he grabs the sacred golden eggs, Dino and the platypus are making progress in resolving their disagreement.

The thing about perspective…

Posted in 033 by cubiclebear on April 23, 2010

As Dino hurls down upon the great mother platypus, he notices something very odd. The platypus appears to be getting bigger….and bigger… and bigger…until Dino is no longer of equal or greater size to the platypus. From the upper heights of the cubicle wall where Dino had jumped, the furry creature appeared to be of manageable breakfast size. As Dino reaches the great furry plateau of platypus, he has completely lost his appetite.

Dino: Pardon me.

Playti: What’s that? Is a plant dropping it’s leaves? Did something just land on my back?

IB (while running down the wall): Lead her out of here! I’ll grab the eggs!

Playti: MY EGGS!!!

The platyptus bucks up her rear throwing Dino into the metal wall.

Dino: That’s great IB! I thought maybe we could keep that little tidbit of information to ourselves!

A Spacebear, perplexed.

Posted in 032 by cubiclebear on April 17, 2010

Spacebear can hear the battle sounds of Dino and the giant platypus coming from his headset. Something has gone horribly awry! He tries to refresh his satellite imagery when a frightful image pops into view! LOLcats?!? Spacebear recoils.

Spacebear (into his headset mic): This is Spacebear, come in IB. I think we got a problem here. A native has taken over my surveillance headquarters. Abort mission. I repeat, abort mission!

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A Dino, transformed.

Posted in 031 by cubiclebear on April 16, 2010

IB is all business when he looks down into the cubed depths of platypi central. Below the great platypus stands guard over the sacred golden eggs.

Dino, however, is not all business when he sees the creature below. Fear is replaced with a ravaging hunger that he hasn’t known since prehistoric times. This was not a platypus to Dino. This was breakfast.

IB reaches over to Dino to offer him a swig of his breakfast before proceeding, but suddenly, Dino is flying through the air down on the waddling figure far below! Savage instincts have totally taken over our mild-mannered dinosaur!

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IB’s motivational speech starts to wear off on Dino somewhere between fury and logic…

Posted in 030 by cubiclebear on April 3, 2010

Spacebear: This is Spacebear, can you read? Coast is clear. I repeat, coast is clear. Move in.

IB: We copy, Spacebear. That’s a go, Dino. Move in.

Dino and IB scale down the cubicle wall of platypi central.

Dino (hushed): I thought Spacebear was flying overhead doing surveillance. Where is he?

IB: Flying overhead, Dino? Ha! Seriously though, what millennia do you think we’re living in? He just did a google-search-satellite-view to check up on the area.

Dino: But how can he see the 2nd floor of an 8-floor building from a satellite image?

IB: You know, Dino, I hadn’t thought about it like that before.

Massive waddling steps are heard below. IB and Dino stare at each other, afraid to look down.